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Stone of Help Haiti

This Sunday, March 11th, Pastor Bill Jasan will visit CCRS to bring an update on all God continues to do through Stone of Help Haiti plus details on the July mission trip, including preparation and cost and how you can get involved.  Read more about this ministry.

summer missions trip to haiti

July 5-13th, Pastor Sean will be taking a team down to Haiti in partnership with Pastor Bill and the Stone of Help Haiti (SOHH) ministry. The team will travel to the picturesque area of La Vallee located in the southern region of Jacmel where SoHH serves. During the visit, a Haitian medical unit will serve about 200 people in the village of Ganthier near Port au Prince. This event will provide a great opportunity for outreach and sweet fellowship among our Haitian brethren. 

Pray for Christians in eritrea

Eritrea, Africa’s most repressive state, views Christians as agents of the West and arrests, harasses and kills them with impunity. Hundreds of believers are held in metal shipping containers subject to extreme temperatures.  Pray that incarcerated Christians would know God’s gracious strength that would enable them to reflect Jesus to their captors. Pray too that those who have fled Eritrea due to persecution or war would receive comfort and support. Eritrea is 6th on Open Doors World Watch List. Read more.  

disaster relief

Many have asked, “How can I help?” in the midst of recent disasters. You can help in THREE WAYS: Pray, donate, and volunteer.   To learn more visit Calvary Chapel Relief International.

Calvary Chapel Magazine

Calvary Chapel Magazine exists to glorify God and His Son Jesus Christ. This quarterly magazine presents testimonies of what God is doing through Calvary Chapels around the world. On this website, you will find videos that highlight articles found in the printed magazine.