Sunday Service 10:00 am
1950 Isaac Newton Square West, Reston, Virginia  

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Sun, Nov 28, 2021
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Great Exhortations Part 2
Sun, Nov 21, 2021
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Great Exhortations Part 1
Sun, Nov 14, 2021
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“No Greater Love” Part One | Why should a believer’s decisions be based on God’s word and character? How do Abram’s actions point us to the character and work of Christ?
Sun, Nov 07, 2021
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Sun, Oct 31, 2021
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“God, I Failed. Now What?” Part One. Our sermon questions are: When my faith fails, what does God’s character teach me to do? How should God’s grace in my life influence my relationships?
Sun, Oct 24, 2021
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“Teach Me to Trust You Lord” Part Three | What’s God’s purpose when obedience leads to suffering?
Sun, Oct 17, 2021
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Sermon title is “Teach Me to Trust You Lord” Part Two. Our sermon question is: Why does God choose to develop our character before fulfilling His promise?
Sun, Oct 10, 2021
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“Teach Me to Trust You Lord” Part One | How did God begin to build Abram’s trust in the LORD?
Sun, Oct 03, 2021
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Sun, Sep 26, 2021
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Pastor Bill Jasan of Stone of Help Haiti (SOHH) will be sharing about the ministry and teaching